Pierre Moreau
(DJ Vince)



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RCM DJ possesses a wide range of professional equipment

Our material is available on demand

  The hiring of this gear is possible in addition to one of our formulas or independent of our services. In that case, you should know that the build-up and use of certain equipment, needs our presence or professional know-how. RCM DJ delivers material to other dj's and technicians on a regular basis, starters and professionals. Whenever more information is needed, feel free to contact us.

Sound :

  • Wired microphones (stands free on demand)
  • Wireless microphones (stands free on demand)
  • Speakers : broadcast, relay and monitoring
  • Professionnal CD DJ players : double or tabletop
  • DJ and show mix tables
  • Mini-Disc players (including discs)
  • Various sound equipment : power amp racks, sound processors and cables

Light :

  • Multi-colour lightrails : stage, decoration and ambient lighting
  • Powerful lighting for shows (including followspots)
  • Showroom spots
  • LED multi-colour disco effects
  • Scanners for stage and dance-floor lighting with great precision
  • Powerful stroboscopes
  • Smoke machines
  • Decorative lounge lasers and nightclub lasers
  • Light control : DMX support for all types of fixtures
  • Lighting stands and professionnal DJ truss elements

Some of our equipment brands